GRP Cabinets

Designed and manufactured with low maintenance, flexibility and durability in mind, our Standard Roadside Range offers an ideal solution to many housing needs.

Normally available from Stock, our Cabinets have become firm favourites with Industries such as Communication, Construction, Petro Chemical as well as Water and Electrical Services. The versatility achieved through design allows for an array of optional extras such as Load or Non Load Bearing Floors, Forced or Natural Ventialtion, Cable entry points, Viewing Windows, Enhanced Locking Mechanisms to name a few.

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Roadside Range GRP Cabinets

Adept GRP Cabinets are available in sixteen Standard Sizes, they are all supplied with Stainless Steel Hinges, Lockable Door/Doors and an 18mm Surface Treated Ply Backboard as standard.

They also come with an integral, internal fixing down flange which allows you to bolt the Cabinet down to your Concrete Base.

They Cabinets can also be supplied with a Membrane Floor and Stainless Steel Brackets should you wish to wall mount them.

Adept GRP Cabinets are normally available from Stock in BS 14-C-39 (Green) and BS 10-A-05 (Grey) allowing them to be delivered within 48 hours of being dispatched from our works. We have Drawings available on this page, you can browse and print them off which were told is a great aid in the decision making process.

Just click on the sizes that are of interest to you in the table and a Drawing of that particular Cabinet will appear. Our GRP Cabinets require very little maintenance during their lifetime and will protect your equipment for decades to come, they are a proven wise investment over the longer term.

Our Standard Range of GRP Cabinets are ideal for Housing Electrical items, Pumps, Compressors etc. and are used by Utility Companies throughout the UK on a regular basis.

We are also able to manufacture Cabinets to your precise size, so if space is an issue on Site or you need something in between the sizes we offer, just drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you with a price and availability.