Adept GRP Increase In Production


Due to the continual increase in demand for our GRP Enclosures we are pleased to announce that we have taken strategic steps to increase production to yet another level. Our GRP Cabinets and GRP Kiosks have become increasingly popular since our inception in 2004 and a steady but continual increase in Sales has driven us to increasing both capacity and production over the years. Being a chosen supplier to the likes of major Electrical Wholesalers such as Newey & Eyre, Edmundson Electrical, CEF to name a few, the need to hold increased levels of Stock of our Electrical Cabinets has become increasingly apparent. Our recent implementations sees us holding smaller sized GRP Cabinets in Stock normally for a Next Day Dispatch, this will steadily increase over the next few weeks until we have every model of our Standard Range in Stock. We have recently introduced Computer Generated images of our GRP Electrical Cabinets and GRP Electrical Enclosures in order to provide our new customer a clear understanding of what exactly they will be purchasing, we also provide Drawings and Prices on our Website at

In addition to GRP Cabinets, we remain very busy with the Manufacture, Supply and Installation of our Bespoke GRP Enclosures, supplying the likes of Western Power Distribution as well as other DNO’s sees us producing Switchgear Housings and Transformer Housings on a daily basis.

Production aside, we have our Annual ISO 9001:2008 Audit coming up soon, this following on from our SafeContractor and SMAS Certification which will ensure we provide a Methodical and Safe Installation of our GRP Kiosks on Site. We take Quality and Health & Safety very seriously and strive to achieve Continual Improvement in these areas.

What is an Adept GRP Enclosure.


What is an Adept GRP Enclosure.

A GRP Enclosure or GRP Kiosk is a man made product which can be designed and manufactured using Composite Materials, the benefits of using GRP are numerous, it’s durability and longevity are well documented and allows for a low maintenance product which will provide uninterrupted service for decades.


Common uses for GRP Enclosures

GRP Enclosures are commonly used to house Electrical Equipment, this may be sensitive Switchgear, an Industrial Transformer or similar, the fact that the GRP Enclosure can be designed to suit site specific needs and then delivered in one piece so it’s ready for use instantly makes it a very viable option. Such conditions minimise downtime on site and allow for the smooth transition needed to get situations up and running quickly.


Our GRP Enclosures

Electrical Enclosures can also come in more common, smaller sizes. These are manufactured in house by Adept GRP Ltd and sold in great numbers to the likes of Edmundson Electrical, Newey & Eyre etc. Adept GRP Cabinets are also supplied direct to Electrical Contractors who see them as the ideal solution to protect Electrical Components from the weather. Our most common sizes are the VR6 and VR7 Cabinets, these Non Conductive Electrical Enclosures are available in Green or Grey and usually available from Stock. If you’re reading this because you’re on the look out for an Electrical Cabinet or a GRP Kiosk try clicking this link if you need more help or just some general advice feel free to call us on 01269 843355.

Electrical Enclosures for Industry

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Roadside Range GRP Enclosures are designed to protect and keep your Electrical Equipment safe and dry whatever the weather.

The simplicity of having an Outdoor Electrical Housing delivered directly to Site, on a set specific date, is a far cry from days gone by when a traditional build was the only option.

The ability to browse for GRP Cabinets Online, to view PDF Drawings of Standard Range GRP Cabinets and make a purchase securely is an increasingly popular option. Adept GRP Outdoor Electrical Enclosures are manufactured by our experienced operators in the UK. A typical Outdoor Electrical Cabinet would have a single or double door hung on Stainless Steel Hinges, standard locking options are a Cylinder Nightlatch or a Stainless Steel Hasp & Staple, an 18mm Surface Treated Ply Board is fitted as standard. Fixing down is via an internal 100mm GRP Flange which means the rest of the floor area is clear allowing cables to be fed into the Electrical Enclosure un-hindered. We can, being GRP Enclosure Manufacturers, produce GRP Kiosks or GRP Electrical Cabinets in any colour from the BS or RAL Range, however, stock Cabinets are usually produced in Green or Grey as these are the more popular colours requested. If you don’t see exactly what you need online just drop us a mail and we’ll asses your needs and get back to you promptly with a solution.

We can customise our GRP Enclosures to suit it’s intended use, we can add Insulation into the construction, fit a few fans and vents, maybe a viewing window in the door leaf or almost anything else you can think of, we specialise in producing GRP Products tailor made for our customers precise requirements, so if you have something in mind, we’re confident we can help.