GRP Cabinets protecting from the environments


The high-tech material of glass reinforced plastic is the perfect solution for cabinets that need to be in harsh operating environments. GRP cabinets are light in weight, corrosion resistance and superbly strong.

GRP cabinets are protective sheltering for many challenging environments and have been used for decades by the oil, gas and chemical processing plants all over the world. GRP cabinets can be built in almost any size and strength to satisfy the customers requirements.

GRP cabinets can be configured and built to the customers specification or if necessary the company could provide a complete turnkey solution. In these instances the field equipment will be installed and ready for the connection.

Most companies that provide GRP cabinets have the experience of the common industrial operating environment. Also the extensive knowledge of many special specifications such as frangibility requirements.

GRP cabinets can be free-standing and wall mounted depending on the customers requirements. Many GRP cabinets are manufactured for cable entry from the bottom or the rear of the cabinet, then the wall mounted versions are ideal for easy cable and equipment installation and adjustability. There are many variations for this GRP cabinet including floor materials and construction, lipped edges are a recommended variation for leak resistance.

GRP cabinets are also manufactured with flame-retardant properties if the customer requires this. Some of the superior GRP products are constructed with thermal insulation properties and a high structural strength and durability, these are commonly requested by factories for walls and even roof tops.